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Facts About African Natural Resources

The African continent is blessed with a rich reserve of natural resources. Africa holds approximately 30% of the world’s known mineral reserves, as well as a substantial hydrocarbon (oil and gas) reserves. Despite being so richly endowed, Africa remains one the poorest continents in the world. Among many causes: unfair tax regimes, illicit financial flows, corruption, bad governance.

Impactful Actions and Activities

WACSOF, the umbrella network of Civil Society Organisations in West Africa is leading a regional movement on advocacy, capacity building, public awareness in the area of extractive industries. Following are some activities WACSOF organised or participated: 

  •  WACSOF organised a Regional CSO consultation on the ECOWAS Mining, Mineral Model policy (EMMMDA) in Abuja, Nigeria.
     WACSOF participated to a regional experts meeting on the ECOWAS regional mineral policy in Niamey, Niger.
  •  WACSOF organised ECOWAS regional experts meeting on the mining and mineral policy EMMMDA) in Accra, Ghana.
  •  WACSOF participated to a regional ministerial meeting in Accra, Ghana.
  •  WACSOF conducted an Advocacy visit to ECOWAS on women in mining, In Abuja, Nigeria.
     WACSOF paid courtesy visits to different mining authorities in West Africa.
  •  WACSOF helped for a Succesful Adoption of the ECOWAS mining policy by the heads of states of ECOWAS.
  •  WACSOF supported the regional tax administration forum WATAF on the tax justice.

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Facts About African Natural Resources - WACSOFOSCAO