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PRESS STATEMENT – Breach of Security in Sierra Leone



It is with great dismay that the WEST AFRICAN CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM (WACSOF) learnt of the Sunday  morning breach of security in the Republic of Sierra Leone. Information reaching us reveals that it was an  attack carried out by a group of unidentified armed individuals on the military armory within the  Wilberforce barracks in the capital, Freetown. We have also learnt that the Sierra Leonean security  forces were able to repel the attack and are progressively routing out the attackers. 

While the situation in Sierra Leone continues to unfold, WACSOF hereby expresses its deepest concern over the incident. We also note that the incident has the potential of undermining peace and stability as  well as truncating the pace of democratic consolidation in the West African country following its just  concluded Presidential elections. 

WACSOF strives for peace, stability, and democratic governance in the West African region and Africa as  a whole. We vehemently reiterate our unwavering stand against any unconstitutional takeover of  political power.  

In the wake of this incident, WACSOF therefore calls for solidarity with the Government and people of  Sierra Leone. Particularly, WACSOF calls upon ECOWAS, other regional organizations, and the  international community to stand together against any form of aggression and support Sierra Leone in  restoring peace and security within its borders. 

Meanwhile, we also urge the relevant authorities of the Sierra Leone Government to thoroughly  investigate this incident, unmask the identity and motivations of the perpetrators and bring them to  justice. 

Finally, WACSOF states its commitment and readiness to support all efforts to prevent and address any  threats to peace and stability in West Africa, while calling on civil society in Sierra Leone to work closely  with regional and national authorities to prevent and address the issues squarely. Together, we will stand  firm in our pursuit of democracy, security, and the respect for the rule of law. 

Kop’ep Dabugat 

General Secretary  

West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) 


Phone: (+234) 8036523475 


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PRESS STATEMENT – Breach of Security in Sierra Leone - WACSOFOSCAO