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Abuja – 08/05/2024. Ambassador Aderemi Ajibewa (PhD, fspsp, ficmc, ficm), a prominent Intellectual, political affairs expert and civil society enthusiast in West Africa, made a momentous visit to the Regional Secretariat of the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Amb. Ajibewa, currently an Ambassadorial Fellow with Nigeria’s National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), visited the Secretariat of the West Africa Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) in order to explore the possibility of partnerships between NIPSS and WACSOF. Along with that, he came with encouragement to share with the WACSOF Secretariat team on the need for them to stay focused and work hard in strengthening the organization.

During his visit, Amb. Remi was warmly received by the WACSOF General Secretary, Mr. Kop’ep Dabugat, in his office, where they agreed to explore possibilities for joint activities around the strategic role that Nigeria can play in strengthening political stability across West Africa. Here, the natural regional leadership of Nigeria stood as a key factor in ensuring stability within the region, and is seen as a strategic asset for the country.

WACSOF Secretariat Team With Amb. Aderemi Ajibewa

In addition, they also discussed the need for an effective WACSOF, while emphasizing the need to enhance its organizational structure for increased effectiveness in mobilizing West African CSOs on regional issues. Here, Dr. Remi stressed the importance of establishing clear institutional mechanisms and processes within WACSOF. He also stressed the need for the organization to be seen as proactively addressing burning issues within the regional context. He highlighted the critical role that CSOs play in complementing and supporting the agenda set forth by ECOWAS and its Member States, while recollecting the very important role that civil society through WACSOF has played over the years.

While departing, Dr. Ajibewa also committed to avail his expertise and experience at any point in time to assist WACSOF in its journey to reemerge as a more robust and efficient platform for CSO mobilization in West Africa. His pledge to provide guidance and support underscores his dedication to advancing the collective goals of the region and strengthening the voice of civil society in shaping the future of West Africa. Dr. Ajibewa’s visit was very instructive in encouraging the WACSOF Secretariat Team as a whole.

Wacsof Secretariat Team with Amb. Aderemi Ajibewa

Ambassador Remi is a PhD holder in Politics and International Relations from the University of Lancaster, UK. He has played several important roles within the political and diplomatic circles, the Academia and the civil society spaces, in West Africa. These include: Director of Political Affairs in ECOWAS, Coordinator of Research and Advocacy as well as Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in London. In recognition of his meritorious service to his fatherland, he was appointed Ambassador in-situ by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, on December 18, 2020.

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